Collecting Fine Art – May Not Be An Option For Facebook Fans

I’m finding out more and more that Facebook may be a great place for marketing artwork but it may not be a place for Fine Art Collectors or buyers.  There are a lot of fine art admirers (who doesn’t like Van Gogh, Rembrandt or Da Vinci) but I believe a majority of people, without realizing it, only have posters or prints throughout their house. Some people may only have framed photos of their families but no actual art.  This is a shame as a framed fine art piece or original artwork on canvas adds so much character and warmth to a home.  It becomes a conversation piece and admired by everyone who comes into your house.

I do offer prints of my art for sale at very reasonable prices, even comparable to those prints and posters found in your larger department or craft stores.  I have offered my art as prints on my Facebook Portrait Artist Fan Page in the past and will feature the most popular in upcoming posts.  Last weeks post even offered an original piece of art and you set the price! What a bargain for someone looking for an original piece of art for themselves that would fit into anyone’s budget!

I’ve read articles where artists should increase the price of their art and then all of a sudden that is when they gain notice and actual fine art collectors begin to purchase.  Art for them is an investment and if it appears low cost, then it is ‘cheap’ in their eyes.  Inferior artwork not to be noticed.  It may be believed that if an artist values their work then the cost should reflect that. Currently, I believe my pricing is set appropriately for my original pieces (for the moment) and affordable by a wide range of individuals and budgets.

I would hope that everyone not only admires master artists from the past but also current artists’ works.  I encourage everyone to visit their local art galleries and when the chance occurs, to visit an art museum.  Original artwork does not come cheap and those beginning an art business or career are the best options when purchasing original art. Now is your best time to take advantage before the prices begin to rise!

If original art is not in your budget, then you have the option to buy giclee’s or prints of an artist’s work.  Find an artist whose work you admire (they may be on Facebook) and find out if prints are available. You can find my art prints for sale right here on my site.  I will be adding a majority of my work as prints for sale as well as originals! I’m updating this sites as you read this and you will be able to get my artwork on iPhone covers, throws and blankets and even pillows!

There are other sites where artists sell their works, Etsy, Ebay, even Amazon Art.  More and more this is becoming an option for artists instead of the more traditional Art Gallery setting.  The artist is able to keep 70%-100% of the profit instead of giving 50% away to the Gallery.  So I ask that you visit these places first before heading off to your local department store or shop.  Art and Artists are an investment and make a beautiful statement in your home.

Take advantage today and browse the art prints available. You might become a Fine Art Collector yourself!