Again What Took So Long

So I am just wondering, what and why has it taken me so long to start a blog specifically about my art?

I’ve actually been blogging for probably close to a decade now but the problem is it hasn’t had anything to do with my art or me in general. I’m really a quiet and private individual for a number of reasons and I have a lot of views about art and of artists and of my own art, I have just not decided to show that part of me.

This will be where I have chosen to explore those views and I am sure I will piss off a number of people but to be truthful, I don’t care at this point in my life. I have certain viewpoints and I am sure I am not the only one.

I would say I am ‘old’ school and to me … art is art. Someone can feel or do anything as long as it is some sort of ability to art. I never felt that photography is art and most definitly, computer art or digital art is absolutely not art. My feeling is that there has to be some ability by hand. Old School art. Way before computers existed to do the work for you.

This does not mean I am against contemporary art as that is not the case. As for photography, I do feel qualifies as art … but from what I’ve seen in todays market of ‘click and shoot’ do not qualify – sorry, but you haven’t put in the time or effort. When I spend months working on just one painting and you have shoot hundreds of photographs and plastered them all over your gallery, and I am still working on that one painting ….. that is what I object to.

So simply put, these are some of my thoughts here. And I will continue to explore what I feel and what I have experienced here and with my art and the painstaking ability of what I am trying to do within our world.

To me, it’s more then an ability but a way of communicating in this contemporary world from someone who is trying to leave a mark in a representative way.