RV in PA

Where’ve You Been?

So it’s been awhile and you all who follow may know that I don’t let this much time lapse, especially when posting my painting updates!

So where have I been? Well since about March I have been going back and forth to PA to property that I inherited and have been working on, preparing it for a haven away from humanity. A place where I can just get away from it all and tune-out from the madness of the world.

Well as of last month I have most of that work completed and wanted to share the work that has put into it. You might consider it a ‘work of art’ with nature!

So it began with this old house on the property. It used to belong to my Great Aunt but she died about 20 years ago and it has been vacant since.

Needless to say, this was the first thing that had to go and we started with tearing the house down. More like crush it down and haul it away!

After crushing, the land was leveled in order to make room from my RV that I intended to purchase and place on the property.

The land was graded and smoothed out and next was to get electricity, water, and sewer ready.  We had to get electric installed as if it were a campsite since there will be no house, just an RV and shed.

Most of the work was completed just last month and in between was a lot of RV shopping! Below is the land prior to the majority of the work beginning.


We did most of the work ourselves, saving tons of money. After the shed was delivered, it was painted and we put in the electrical panel that will be used by the RV.

The electric was connected by the electric company and more grading all done by hand and all up on a hill. The electric was now ready for the RV!

Next, we worked on the well! It has not been used for over 20 years and we were concerned what we would find! After the electric was hooked up and we set up the holding tank, we flipped the switch…we had water! After 20 years, the well pump still worked! We finished up by placing shell where the RV would sit and now the land was ready!


20160624_093655The RV was put on the road and headed to its spot in the country!

Once on the spot, there was a lot of leveling and getting it just right. The awning was put out and we toasted our hard work!


Now it’s almost ready but yet much more work is to be done. A deck will be placed in front, grass planted and more clearing of the land to be done. At least now it can be done at a more leisurely pace.

RV in PA

So back to the studio and back to finishing up my previous painting and beginning many more. I’ll also be back to posting on my Victor Ritchey Portrait Artist Facebook page on a more regular pace – including some old paintings completed when I was a young teenager! So stay tuned!